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Ombre 8/60

Ombre 8/60

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Handtied wefts lay very flat against the scalp to provide a natural look. The wefts lay very flat, they are stackable and can have up to 6 wefts stacked on top of each other in a row.

Hair can be reused up to a year with proper care..

To change the length of the weft, fold over to length that is desired but whatever you do, do not cut into the weft or it will come undone.

Half pack includes 3 wefts. 1 pack includes 6 wefts. 

1 pack is recommended for a full head on shorter lengths

Half pack to 1 pack is recommended on longer hair for fullness.

1-2 packs is recommended on longer hair for length and for fullness.

 3 wefts = 50 grams 

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